Here is a list of Artists for the Festival of the Arts.

1. Dave Schell

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2. Michael Sheely Photography

His work can be seen on his Facebook page:


3. H. Dean Fox

His work can be seen on his Facebook page:

4. Breanne Havener

Best described as bright and passionate, Havener’s work has extended into nearly all aspects of the art world. From teaching, to set design, murals, and illustration, Havener’s creative identity lies in the bright colors and bold designs of her pieces.


5. Sherry Caldwell

I am a quilter and sewist.  I make quilts and quilted items, often embellished with embroidery and/or beads.  I have an Etsy site and a Pa Sales Tax license that is active and participate in 4 or 5 other festivals each year, all of which are highly juried.  My name should be listed as Sherry Caldwell, My Cottage Creations.  My address is 1346 Worthington Drive, Mt Joy PA  17552 and business email is


6. Jill Brinser

I’m an acrylic painter from Elizabethtown PA. With a BFA in Graphic Design from Tyler School of Art, I worked for nearly 30 years as a graphic designer/art director in the Lancaster area until the advertising agency I worked for closed in February 2018. I began painting in August 2018 and show work through the Hershey Area Art Association and WhirliGig Unique Boutique in Elizabethtown. I regularly post new paintings on Instagram under hermione_paints and my website,

I like to surround myself with things that make me smile and bring me joy: color, sunlight, art, music, good friends and family, cappuccinos, chocolate, fine wine, and my cat, Hermione. I want to share that joy through my painting. I see beauty in ordinary, everyday items. I like to make them appear larger than life, in “juicy” colors that pop. My style is a combination of graphic and photo-realism, as if you could reach in and touch each object, while still being able to see brush strokes and real-life imperfections.

My art is a representation of my outlook: life is short. I’m thankful for what I have, and painting allows me to express that gratitude. When you look at my paintings perhaps you will smile, too.


7. Alicia Irwin

Alicia Irwin was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1985. As a child, she was always drawing. However, it wasn’t until middle school that art became something more than just a way to pass the time. Three years at Millersville University gave Alicia the elements and principals of art and design which she weighs carefully with each piece from start to finish.

Specializing in mediums consisting of both graphite and charcoal, she renders objects in a hyper realistic state. Often times mistaken for photographs, with haunting beauty, and striking precision, the application of graphite and charcoal is applied in a 3-phase layering process.

The development of her own process, and application techniques, allow her to capture the subject matter in such meticulous and, some would say, obsessive detail, rendering a vivid, true-to-life, 2-dimensional image. But there is real delicacy in her conscious planning and execution while maintaining the utmost care to retain the objects visual and historical integrity.


8. Kathy Rothenberger

My passion for art has been influenced at first, by the Impressionists. The Pre-Raphaelites continued to influence and ignite my interest through mythological imagery.  I went to Kutztown University of PA and studied Painting and Drawing, receiving a B.F.A. in Studio Art.  I studied painting in oils and have applied those techniques to acrylic painting.  I have participated in various exhibitions over the years and stood apart with a unique style. Over the years, I have learned to follow my passion, inspiration and desire to design imagery that may be considered illustrative, but unique in that it is born in my imagination.  I have taught Art in private schools, judged competitions and worked with students entering the Art world for their careers. I continue to show my work in various juried shows.

The ocean has been my main influence and I combined my interest in mythology to create fantastic images of kelpies, mermaid and undines. Along with a dreamy, impressionistic representation of aquatic art, I have formally painted true representations of shore birds.  The purity of the oceanic location adds to the drama of these beautiful creatures. It is easy to see how these birds are an evolution of their prehistoric ancestors. Due to my success with oceanic subject matter, I have partnered with Seascape Designs in North Carolina. I share the gallery with other sea inspired artists with a faithful following of collectors. I have a variety of Ocean influenced acrylic paintings throughout Southern New Jersey. There is a constant rotation of artwork at the Stone Harbor Wetland Institute.

The creation of Ravendance studio has a personal meaning for me. The raven has been my inspiration for a large part of my life. At first, the Nordic traditions incorporating Odin being guided by 2 ravens, Munin and Hugnin, meaning memory and thought. They travelled the world and brought knowledge to Odin. In the Celtic culture, the raven plays a heavy influence, particularly in war and death. The raven spirit would carry the dead from the battlefield to the “Otherworld” to peace. She was a Goddess, a shapeshifter; known as Badhbh, Macha and Morganna. In the past decade, I have travelled to Alaska. The raven carries great significance in the Tlingit culture. So much so, that the Tlingit culture of Alaska has two moieties of Raven and Eagle. This tradition inspired me to create the painting, Raven and Eagle Moeieties, where they are clasped in (the Eagles’ mating ritual) each other’s talons. A traditional symbol of the triangle forms around their clasped talons emitting a transformative light. This represents a spiritual beckoning that has pulled me to visit Alaska all of my life.

I hope the mysteries and spirituality of the raven is enticing to view my exhibit. I like to create these images from my visions and dreams. I will always be drawn to this beautiful corvid. My adventures will no doubt, influence my future creative explorations.


9. Georgine Wood – I am requesting to be placed at Sheri business for Festival of the Arts.

Georgine Cohan Wood is a steward of loving gentleness and intuitive listening. As a result, her style of abstract expressionist acrylic on canvas, mixed media and her free flowing watercolor and pen combinations, she has earned the title of Visual Artist. Her work is an expression of her spirituality and positive vibration. Georgine, a mother and grandmother, has been a resident of Lancaster, PA for 29 years. 


10. Jen Melley

Hello, my name is Jen Melley and I am the owner of Sorrel’s Fresh Blend.  I started making soap nine years ago after I tried it as craft project and noticed an amazing difference in my skin.  My skin was smoother, softer, and less affected by breakouts.  Over time, I used my science background to develop original recipes and additional skincare products.  Now Sorrel’s Fresh Blend offers lip balm, lotion, bath bombs, and sugar scrubs- all made from scratch from the best possible ingredients! Three years ago, my family relocated from the Altoona area, to Elizabethtown.  I’ve been proud to introduce my products to a whole new group of people and hope to grow my business further in our new home!


11. Maria Roshon

My love for stained glass began when I was a child sitting in church, looking at the stained glass windows instead of paying attention to the service. In 2014, I didn’t know what I wanted to do for my birthday, so I decided to take a stained glass class and after the first class, I was completely captivated. I draw most of my inspiration from nature, particularly landscapes. I let the movement of the colors in the glass dictate the design and I like to incorporate other elements, including glass gems, shells and natural stones, to enhance the final piece. My glass jewelry is also inspired by nature. The colors and texture of the glass resemble scenes like yellow/orange sunsets, blue-green waves and the night sky. I am always open to commission pieces. Check out my Facebook page @FracturedFrog to contact me and to see examples of my work.


12. Joanne McIlvaine

I’m a native of Lancaster, PA and I’ve been painting the landscape outdoors on location since 2009. I like the deep connection I can make with the landscape I’m painting. It feels like deep meditation, to be immersed in the view you are painting out in nature; it calms the soul. My paintings are about the natural beauty in everyday scenes that would otherwise go unnoticed.


13. Brittany Cunningham

I love to mix color, patterns, and medium for an unexpected surprise that most wouldn’t think about when they hear “embroidery.” I fell in love with the versatility and endless options for what I can create and the canvas that I can create on. Though I take a more modern approach to a centuries old craft, I enjoy the challenge of creating new patterns and developing skills. I create a wide variety of products, including traditionally embroidery hoops, ornaments, pencil pouches, infant clothing, magnets, pins, and necklaces; and many items can be customized.


14. Jennifer Ruch

Jennifer Ruch is a resident of Mount Joy, Pa moving here from Lancaster in 2002.  She studied design at Bethlehem Area Vo-Tech from 1988-1990 and illustration at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in Lancaster from 1990-1993. She is passionate about creating mixed media artwork that inspires, points to the beauty of Creation and teaches Christian values.

Jennifer volunteers as a Sunday School teacher at St Paul’s UMC in Elizabethtown PA, assists at Rainbows End Youth Services in Mount Joy and also helps out at Handi*Vangelism Ministries in Ephrata. She has hosted numerous children, teens and young adults through both Fresh Air Fund and American Home Life International. She was a “Big Sister” via Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lancaster which led to her adopting her “Little Sister” in 2002. And she also sponsors children, teens and missionaries through a few international ministries.

“Over-all, I just enjoy creating art. I feel it is a talent I was given by God to use. We are all given special gifts, talents and things we enjoy doing and are good at. The important thing I feel, is to use those things for the betterment of society, promoting what is beautiful, wholesome and good so that others in our circles of influence and our communities can be lifted up.” Jennifer Ruch – local artist


15. James Hecker

16. Miranda Mondeaux

My name is Miranda Mondeaux and I love art and have been painting for about 6 years! Oil and acrylic paint is what prefer to work with. I make small, medium and large paintings. I’d love to display/sell some art in this festival. I haven’t had the chance to display at an art festival yet, so I think this would be a nice start! Here is are a few of my latest pieces.  The first one is a larger piece of mine, created with oils. I enjoy painting portraits in a surreal atmosphere! The second one, the ladybug, is a fairly small acrylic painting on a wooden block. Small paintings allow me to add a little extra detail. The last one is a medium piece on wood, made with oil paint. I like adding texture with the paint, and different effects with iridescence.

(Dave note:  1st image would not load)


17. Collette Wagman – She is co-owner of Moon Raven Alley and her artwork is already in the space.

Gina Alberty, Collette Wagman and Lisa Elliot are three artists who have come together to bring their different energies into each piece they create with their own unique talents. Each use multiple mediums to create their unique artwork.


18. Sherrie Gilbert 

I have always enjoyed experimenting with all forms of art, and have done so from a very early age.  Painting , drawing, constructing things out of leftover pieces of stuff, jewelry making, photography.  In my middle years I have been having fun combing all these things into the pieces of art I create, and helping other people develop their own talents.  It’s been great, and I hope to continue experimenting in the future and creating really new ideas.



19. Jaiden Droege

Hello my name is Jaiden Droege, I’m starting out as a local artist in Lancaster county, as of a year ago I found my “nitch” in art. I got bored with the flat pieces of paints, and wanted to do more. Over the years I’ve been making my pieces bigger and I’ve been making them 3-D on a canvas. Most of my pieces can pop out from 3-6 inches from the canvas.


20. Sheri Bare


21. Dave Dussinger  (Friday only)

David Dussinger is a Lancaster county native who bought his first camera in 1972. David looks to the natural world for inspiration. He creates images to evoke an emotional response to the beauty around us. Digital photography printed on archival papers and framed behind UV protective glass.


22. Russel Baughman


23. Tamara Shaub

Whimsical, original watercolor paintings of characters called “Sherries” and their cute animal companions. These should bring a smile to your face!!


24. Tina Kreiner

Face Painting at Keystone Pet Place


25. Scott Higgins

Charcoal artist – features pet drawings


26. Kelly McCart

27. Susan Dicklitch- Nelson


28. Linda Eberly