In 2009, Main Street Mount Joy began working with the Plan the Keystone Team and PennDOT to develop a “Downtown Destination Development & Branding Plan” in anticipation of significant physical improvements to be undertaken by PennDOT in the vicinity of the Mount Joy Amtrak Station.  The shared goal of this work was to create a thriving and successful Main Street in Mount Joy.

In spring 2010, the consulting firm Kennedy, Coulter, Rushing & Watson (KCRW), in Chattanooga, TN was hired by Glatting Jackson (now AECOM) to assist MSMJ in developing a three year Strategic Plan for Organizational Sustainability so that MSMJ could continue and enhance its efforts to be a catalyst for downtown business development.

Through this planning process both the vision and mission statements were revisited and renewed to better describe the direction of the organization’s purpose over the next 3 – 5 years.  The newly adopted statements are:

The Vision of Main Street Mount Joy

Downtown Mount Joy is a vibrant, friendly, and attractive dining, shopping, and entertainment center that showcase distinctive small town charm for residents as well as visitors.

The Mission of Main Street Mount Joy

Main Street Mount Joy is driven to build, strengthen, and promote a prosperous downtown that provides a friendly, viable, fulfilling experience for businesses, residents, commuters, and visitors.

The Board of Main Street Mount Joy

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  • President:   Dale Murray
  • Vice-President: Sam Allen
  • Secretary: Maryann Payne
  • Treasurer: Barry Smedley/Claudette Smedley
  • Member-at-Large: Kim Bair
  • Member-at-Large: Lisa Farwell
  • Member-at-Large: Katie Marrello